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Expertise when you need it!

Pilotfish offers services in the maritime world ranging from the performances of technical surveys to claims exploitation and technical consulting based on knowledge gained over more than 3 decades in the maritime industry.

We are based in the northern suburb of Brussels at few hours from the Atlantic coast or anywhere in the world by plane.





Competent people attending your business

With over 10 years of surveying experience mostly in the A.R.A range, in Hull & Machinery surveys, casualty surveys, distressed asset surveys, P&I condition surveys for the IGPAndi and claim related survey you are sure to have someone acquainted to the matter and able to draw up objective reporting.


Business Meeting

Have it figured out

In the fast evolving world efficient claim resolution is the target of any assets, fund or portfolio manager. To reach such goal requires individuals of which qualifications encompasses adequate surveys reporting, close and educated monitoring of financial commitment based on the cases' applicable rules, specifications and policy coverage. With over 30 years in the maritime industry on board, ashore with managers, working with builders or insurers we are capable to assist in  drawing-up/bundling, draft reading, reviewing or negotiating claims.



Expert guidance

Referring to our experience, we have the capabilities and expertise to assist your business to reach the next level by freeing your core resources whilst we are taking care of side/diverting, but not less relevant, matter. We can follow up/advice or attend special project or meetings. Advice as umpire on divergent appraisal. Coordinate/take the lead and report on failure analysis/events/casualty. With the industry going forward and rejuvenating, coaching and mentoring of younger individuals at the right time may represent a smart play going forward. Occasional assistance in that field is also possible.



Get us involved!

That is right, nowadays the shipping industry is pushed in the back to evolve modernize and take a fast lane approach to catch up with applicable and soon strengthened mandatory environments rules as Sox, BWM and other operational optimization concepts. Hybrid powers, multi fuel engines, real time monitoring of vessel's & engine performances, autonomous units, drones monitoring, 3D printing, block-chain processes and IOT technologies are there to be put at use. We are eager to be involved in projects, retrofits or studies where thinking out of the box can consolidate these technologies.



Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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